SAB Beer tour


SAB world of beerCentenary Centre opened by Nelson Mandela

Former President Nelson Mandela officially opened the centre, delivering a memorable speech that summed up the importance of what is now called the SAB World of Beer:

This centre will also help to remind us of a history we neglect at our peril. Inevitably, a product as integral to the culture and economy of a society as is yours, traces in its own history, the history of its society.

“People will also be reminded that, for all their hole-in-the-wall status, shebeens played an influential role in our cultural development, particularly in music and writing. This is where many of our top artists honed their talents.

“But in addition to its instructive lessons, the centre will without doubt help promote tourism in this area and in Johannesburg as a whole. It is, therefore, a valuable addition to the economic assets of Gauteng province.”

The SAB World of Beer today

Now, more than 20 years since its doors first opened, the SAB World of Beer includes a tour that has been developed and perfected to give visitors insight into the history and culture of beer: from its ancient origins, to its African and European heritage, and its role in South Africa’s story, past, present and future. We provide detailed information on the brewing process and encourage you to sample raw barley and hops and to ask questions along the way.

You are also invited to experience our beer tasting, which is sure to teach you a thing or two about the subtleties of beer, or our monthly five-course beer-pairing lunches, which will delight your senses of taste and smell alike

Duration Total Distance Departure Times Notes
4hrs 100km Between 09:00&14:00 Entrance fees Included
Includes beer tasting