Sterkfontein Caves

Sterkfontein cavesVisit the Cradle of Humankind with the famous Sterkfontein caves a World heritage site.

The famous Sterkfontein caves are found in a dolomite hill in the Isaac Stegman nature Reserve and is declared a national Monument

You'll start at the newly opened 260 m² exhibition. This scientific exhibition consists of four large show cases which include life like models of hominids, a sabre tooth cat, a reconstruction of a mined cave vs. a pristine cave, cave formations and geologies, early life forms, fossils in general (mammals and homo), specific finds (like Mrs. Ples, Taung Child, Little Foot), details of fossilization, paleo botany and landscapes...Guided information tours

Sterkfontein cavesFrom there you will make your way up to the limekilns, past the sundial and then underground into the depths of the caves. Beneath the dust of millions of years you'll see for yourself the resting place of some of the most important fossils ever found and you'll hear the magnitude of their significance to the world! After proceeding over the walkways to view the excavation which was Mrs. Ples's final resting place, the trip will continue past the fossil prep where scientists continue to investigate the clues to our past. Finally you'll be able to enjoy a meal in the family restaurant - one you won't have to hunt yourself!(own cost)

Duration Total Distance Departure Times Notes
4-5hrs 160km Between 09:00 and 13:00hrs Entrance Included


Sterkfontein cavesSterkfontein caves