Soweto and Apartheid museum

Soweto shacksSoweto, City Within a City. Travel to Soweto, a sprawling metropolis, one of the most famous settlements in Africa where the history of South Africa was written on the streets, in the schools, and the shebeens.

This diverse and patriotic community led the war for justice and freedom during the late 1970s.
Today Soweto is a living monument of the history of political struggle along with the hopes and aspirations of a dynamic and multicultural community facing the challenges of transformations.
We travel past the "Barra" hospital and the Walter Sisulu Square (Freedom Square), visit Kliptown, and discuss an informal settlement. Our drive takes us to "Hollywood", where all the stars live, and visit the Mandela House museum. The Hector Peterson Memorial Museum is one of our stops to see the start of the political struggle.

We pass the Regina Mundi Church, informal settlements, and the normal way of life.
Apartheid Museum

The afternoon is spent wondering through the Apartheid Museum giving you a comprehensive insight into the history of apartheid
After a few hours at the Apartheid Museum, you will feel that you were in the townships in the '70s and '80s, dodging police bullets or teargas canisters, or marching and toyi-toyiing with thousands of school children, or carrying the body of a comrade into a nearby house.

Apartheid Museum This extraordinarily powerful museum, certain to become one of Johannesburg's most important tourist attractions, has become an obligatory stop for tourists and residents alike.

Mandela House

Duration Total Distance Departure Times Notes
6hrs 150km Between 09:00and 11:00 Entrance fees Included